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Network Performance Monitoring

About Performance Monitoring Software and Network Trouble Shooting

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network performance monitoring

To begin with, we shall discuss the importance of Performance Monitoring, which will automatically give way to Network trouble shooting.

Communication across a network is becoming increasingly important in all spheres work and non-work, i.e. leisure, alike. The behavior of the network has an impact on the operation of your computer. With the help of Performance Monitoring it is possible to optimize your system's performance. This can be achieved with the help of things like monitoring network traffic and resource utilization that affects both hardware and software.

Installing performance monitoring software can help the network in several ways. For instance, Performance Monitoring Software can help to measure end-user to-end application response times, it can provide consistent application service delivery, can understand the impact and extent of infrastructure changes on network and application performance, and it can also help isolate performance problems to the server, or network

Installing performance monitoring software helps to report on network traffic using NetFlow data and cut down the unnecessary WAN costs, besides enabling the convergence of voice, video, and data and identifying virus or denial of service attacks and unauthorized application usage.

Coming to Network Troubleshooting, it means recognizing and diagnosing networking related problems so that your network is running at its optimum best. Network administrators primary job and concern is to maintaining connectivity of all devices. He /she is also evaluating and improving the network's performance on an ongoing basis to avoid networking problems that in majority of cases begin as performance problems, if not tackled at this stage can take shape of serious problem. Paying attention helps the administrator to address issues before they become serious.

Network Troubleshooting could be about connectivity Problems, such as loss of connectivity, intermittent connectivity, and Timeout problems or about performance problems.

If the network administrator regularly undertakes Performance Monitoring and Network Trouble Shooting to achieve optimum performance he/she can extend the usefulness of the existing network configuration and can plan network enhancements, instead of being stuck with performance problem which impacts productivity of the user.

For more resources about Performance Monitoring or even about Network Troubleshooting please review this site

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