Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring And Its Uses

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network monitoring

Network Monitoring And Its Uses

Network monitoring is done via a system that constantly monitors a computer network for any slow or failing component. If the monitoring system locates any kind of outage then it notifies the network administrator through an email, a pager message or some other kind of alarm. You can say that network monitoring is a subset of the various functions that are performed in a network management system.

Threats to the network are monitored both by internal and external medias. While the intrusion detection system would detect all external threats the network monitoring system would detect all problems related to the network connections. These problems could be caused due to overloaded or crashed servers, or due to incorrect network connections to other devices.

Uses Of A Network Monitoring System

If you are facing problems with your network and don�t know how to find the reason for it, then network monitoring is the best way to get an answer. Here are the different features of a monitoring system:

Search feature is used to locate the hosts and the protocols.
Alarm feature includes some monitored alarms for individual protocols, hosts, conversations, network cards or any other unit that needs monitoring. Network monitoring allows any number of alarms for each unit and freedom to select all alarm characteristics like the description, severity and the frequency of the alarm.
Once the monitoring system is configured, it would automatically send the user emails or start programs only when the alarms are triggered.
Network monitoring shows the number of bytes, hosts, protocols, packets, conversations, and network cards on the network.
You can extract a list of the top active protocols, listeners, talkers and conversations. Display for each entry is also available.
All the above can easily be kept an eye on and monitored as well.
Besides the above the network monitoring system would also allow you to see who is using your network. Detailed statistics of all hosts who are sending or receiving traffic on the network can be viewed.
You can also see the conversations on your network. This means that statistics of which host is receiving the data and who is being transmitted the data can all be viewed.
The monitoring system would display the number of bytes that have been transmitted and also the bandwidth used for each conversation.

To sum it up, a network monitoring system is a protocol analyzer that helps to monitor the traffic, takes care of all troubleshooting, and analyses and helps visualize the problem area.

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