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Computer Internet Monitoring

Uses Of Internet Monitoring

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computer internet monitoring

Uses Of Internet Monitoring

Internet monitoring is done mainly to get a visual verification of the entire employee Internet activity in an organization. Everyday more and more companies all over the world are losing out on thousands and thousands of dollars as their staff is busy in other Internet related activities. These activities may include visiting shopping sites, accessing personal email to send and receive emails and using the porn sites to view porn.

The above is the main reason why most companies consider an Internet monitoring method that helps safeguard their business. These monitoring methods keep a track of which employee is browsing which site, the time the employees spend visiting such sites and when they visit these sites. All this information can be obtained in real time and put before the employees so as to restrict their usage of the Internet. The monitoring methods also make it possible to limit access to the Internet by setting up time slots within which the employee is allowed to use the Internet.

Activities That Can Be Performed By An Internet Monitoring Software

Here is a list of activities that can be commonly accomplished by all Internet monitoring software:

Monitor and maintain a record of all Internet activities.
Keep a detailed record of each and every web surfing and web posting activity.
Maintain a record of all email content and their attachments.
Capture messengers? chat contents and activities.
Monitor and record all files that are transferred via the Web, ftp and IM tools.

For this, all the company has to do is to install a Wfilter in one of the computers and once installed, all the other computers in the network would automatically get monitored.

The Filter would effectively help monitor all the computers in the company?s network by:

Filtering all Internet content and restricting general access to the Internet.
Filtering only certain specified websites.
Making the email usage of the company customizable.
Blocking files transfers and certain messengers.
Online streaming for gaming control.
Detecting and blocking all P2P traffic.
Setting up a real time network connection to monitor and alert the system.
Showing all activities taking place on online computers.
Showing all online messengers, online browsing and file downloading.

The number of things that you can do with a good Internet monitoring system is endless. Finally, the monitoring systems can prove to a great help in bringing an end to all inappropriate usage of the Internet in an organization.